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Books - Words of Essence

Inspirational Poetry books available TODAY


Lawanda Lee Anderson

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“The Voices of Many” is the latest project that was published in 2009 and is comprised of 156 pages of powerful and inspirational poems ranging in topics from Love and Romance, Empowerment, Sweet Temptations, Purity and Much More.

“Words of Essence,” published in 2005, is 112 pages of Intriguing poems intended to uplift your Soul and Inspire your Mind even in the most challenging situations. It is a Must Read!



When life throws you a curve ball And situations get you down, When past mistakes attempt to haunt you Although repentance and forgiveness have been found,

And if it seems like tomorrow will never get better Based on what appears obvious today, When thunderous storms continue to exist Prohibiting the sun from casting light your way, Know that…

(The complete poem can be found in the book The Voices of Many)

Is It Worth It?

Is it worth it to give your body away trying to be the next dime piece?

Objectified in his eyes Only to be trampled on verbally by Lil’ boys trapped inside of men’s bodies, Seeking security and significance through sexual pleasures. Not considering the facts or fallacies Of what 3 minutes of pleasure could bring.
Maybe nothing now, but perhaps after the ring Desiring to be her king and the man of her dreams,Except there’s only one thing…

(The complete poem can be found in the book The Voices of Many)


“Scum of the earth”

Is what they call us, Those of us who roam up and down The dreary streets.
We didn’t ask to have this type of lifestyle, To be picked on by strangers and So-called friends, Or be trampled on by the heels of their feet.
Pieces of cardboard Laced with stale newspaper and cloth Make up our luxurious homes…

(The complete poem can be found in the book The Voices of Many)

A Real Lady
Diamonds, furs and lace are nice. Chocolate, strawberries and fudge are delights. Fancy dinners, cruises and world tours are all pleasant Sights But, a Real Lady forsakes all and follows Christ.
The whispers of sweet nothings are all things of her past. She does not rely on a man to define or complete her. The scriptures build her confidence and give her Determination to last…

(The complete poem can be found in the book Words of Essence)

Judgment Day

What will you say?

What will you say on judgment day?

When you last report card has been announced, Will it reflect S for Satisfaction Or N for Needs improvement, signifying that its now Time for you to bounce.
Oh, all the free time that you Thought you had on your hands All the adventures and pleasures This was not the way you predicted it would end…

(The complete poem can be found in the book Words of Essence)

A Real Man

A Real Man, Is that you?
Well, let me spit some knowledge To see if it is true.
My brother, you were uniquely designed in the Image of God.
From the beginning, your distinct features, Your three-fold being established you with Preeminence and dominion,
While God left you tending the garden to And keep you occupied.
So what is a Real Man?
He’s one who…
(The complete poem can be found in the book Words of Essence)

Other Poem Selections Include

Got Faith?, Echo of Depression, Flesh Die Down, Future Mate, But God, SIlent Tears, The Key to Prosperity, etc.
Why Wait, Sorry Lord ‘2004, Destiny, Judgment Day, Question, Whispers, A Word from the Lord, Free, Victorious, etc
And much more…

Additional Locations

Cornerstone Family Life Center Bookstore

1095 Allen Road Greenville, NC 27834
(252) 752-4156

The Christian Bookstore

2810 Cashwell Dr. Goldsboro, NC 27534
(919) 751-1400

The Regulator Bookshop

720 Ninth Street Durham, NC 27705
(919) 286-2700

The Upper Room Church of God in Christ

3300 Idlewood Village Raleigh, NC 27610
(919) 829-6160

Victorious Praise Church of God in Christ

2116 Page Road Research Triangle Park, NC 27703
(877) 333-3873

Vibrance (Wellnes Center/ Medical Spa)

1006-C W. H. Smith Blvd. Greenville, NC 27834
(252) 830-9001

S & J Gospel Shop

Sycamore Square Shopping Center 3308 Bragg Blvd., #240 Fayetteville NC 2803

(800) 628-3145

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